Why are We Providing This Site?

A central premise of our Financial Institutions Group is and has been that sharing information among our attorneys creates significant intellectual power and value for our clients and each other. This website lets us share our knowledge, our thoughts, our ideas and our speculations about TARP and its future implications directly with our clients and friends and in real time.

Most importantly, a web site can never substitute for personal contact and real discussions, and we are not in any way suggesting that this site will replace our normal conversations with clients-nor do we want it to do so! We are always available to discuss your specific situations and questions. We know each of you has different issues, but we think having this information available to you and your team on a 24X7 basis will in the end make your jobs easier.

There is no fee of any sort connected with this site or its usage–it is another example of the many ways we try to give back to the industry that has been so good to us in so many ways. We hope you expect this kind of effort and contribution from us, because we have always considered our clients to be our partners in our industry. We hope you will continue to look to us in good times and bad.